Keith Hopkin


Keith Hopkin’s tongue-in-cheek style and Michel Gondry-esque prop stylings has won significant praise on the interwebz.  Early experiments with a first generation GoPro camera and cute doggos pushed Hopkin’s brand into the mainstream with the viral series “Dogs in Cars” (2.3M Plays).  The internet approved, including Ashton Kutcher who tweeted “Dogs know what's up” and  Drew Carey claimed he "Couldn't take [his] eyes off this".  Keith is a story producer and editor for "Platinum Eye", one of the most popular shows on A&E's FYI Network.


After landing subsequent work for national pet food brands and receiving a coveted Semi-Finalist position in the million dollar Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest it was all hamsters from there.  While at Mashable Keith made a name for himself building miniature replica sets of popular television shows and films starring … hamsters. The internet likes dogs, cats and apparently hamsters.


Other less furry work includes technology reviews, scripted celebrity shoots, event coverage and more. Keith can take a simple remote interview and turn it into a unique visual experience (see “Deadmau5 Facebook Live”).  If there’s a new web technology he will find a way to exploit it. When Facebook Live launched he found a unique way for users to interact live with robots using their cell phones (see “MashBots”). And when season 6 of Game of Thrones aired he devised a weekly wrap-up talk-show for each episode - shot, edited and published within 24 hours.


When not capturing a cute moment of his 3-year old, Keith is writing music for him or updating his website which does its best to cover the “originality” of modern popular music.  He shoots! He edits! He builds sets with pieces of cardboard, paper cutouts and glue! As long as it looks good in-camera that’s all that matters.

Keith Sizzle Reel