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Paul & Trisha – The Art of Fluidity

“One man – One woman artist”

PAUL & TRISHA: THE ART OF FLUIDITY is a colorful documentary exploring the lives of two 77-year-old British artists living in one gender-fluid body: Paul Whitehead and Trisha Van Cleef. Paul Whitehead is a painter, graphic designer, writer, and musician who worked as an art director for Time Out and John Lennon; founded the Eyes and Ears Foundation and its Artboard Festival, which allowed artists to showcase their work on billboards; and made album covers for music icons like Genesis, Credence Clearwater Revival, Van der Graaf Generator, and Peter Hammill. Whitehead began exploring his gender identity through cross-dressing during the 1960s, leading to the emergence of the converged artist Trisha Van Cleef in 2004. The film delves into the brutal challenges and beautiful victories that Paul and Trisha have faced—together and individually—in the mercurial and competitive art world while unapologetically navigating the uncharted waters of gender identity and artistic expression, breaking down perilous stigmas along the way.

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Paint Splatter

Director Fia Perera cleverly

lets the charismatic Whitehead

run free with the camera...

Combining interviews, graphics,

animation, lots of art imagery,

and re-enacted scenes from

Whitehead and Van Cleef’s pasts

to tell a moving life story.

                                                - Ris Fatah


The film is a complex, yet friendly and honest conversation

with an artist whose range is amazing.



Perera reveals the challenges and joyful moments

which both souls celebrate and endure...

with great dignity and purpose,

revealing how the art of two people in one body

can be pretty significant.

                                                                 - Film Threat 

Unlike any documentary I have ever seen.

The artwork alone is worth the price of admission,

but the story is amazingand its presentation is brilliant.


                                                            - Splash Magazine

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Green Swoosh_edited.png

No one segment is more important than any other.

They interlock to form a person - a lifestyle.

A brilliant, beautiful, sensitive documentary.


                                                     - Broadway to Vegas 

Paul & Trisha - The Art of Fluidity Pitch Deck

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